What is Ecommerce Web Hosting?

Since the advent of internet, businesses have discovered a new dimension to reach their potential customers in every nook and corner of the world. Thus they started building ecommerce websites for their products and services. An ecommerce web hosting is the type of web hosting plan where the server and its resources are configured to run ecommerce websites ranging from the smallest sizes to the largest ones in the world. The web hosting companies offer a varied range of server software that enables you to serve your customers more effectively. 

Difference between Standard hosting and Ecommerce hosting

The hosting companies provide some basic resources when you buy a standard hosting plan. These basic resources are suitable for people who just want to build some blogs or perhaps a small social network. But ecommerce is a much more complex process involving a lot of data and personal information. These personal information and financial transactions have to be sent over the internet from one server to another server for processing the transaction. If the required amount of security is not maintained during the data transfers all this information could end up in the hands of hackers who can easily misuse it for their own benefits. Thus to prevent such fatalities and maintain security the web hosting companies provide extra server security like SSL and other encryption mechanism so that the data sent from one server to another server is encrypted in the proper format. Thus if you are running an ecommerce store on a shared hosting and an ecommerce store on ecommerce hosting then the data in the ecommerce hosting by Bluehost is more secure than the data in the shared hosting plan. 

Along with the above security measures the hosting companies also provide shopping cart software that help you in managing the customers’ demands. The usability of the shopping cart software remains simple so that you can add and remove items that you sell or services that you offer from your ecommerce website. There are hundreds of types of shopping cart software on the internet but you should always select the most used shopping cart that also provides all the functionality that you require. If you want some additional functionality for your shopping cart then you may find some additional plugins on their plugin directory that solves your problem. If you still don’t find your required functionality then you can hire a programmer or a company to develop it for you. Bluehost can take care of all your ecommerce store requirements.

Ecommerce deals with more financial transactions than any other type of website on the internet. Thus when you buy a product or subscribe to a service provided by the website you pay them though your credit or debit card. You may also pay them through online banking or many other payment ways that exist today. The payment that you do is handled by a payment transaction company and the mode by which you transfer your funds is called a payment gateway. There are hundreds of types of payment gateways that help you during online monetary transaction. These payment gateways have to be included on your shopping cart so that users can easily pay you. The web hosting company makes sure that all the required payment gateways work efficiently with your ecommerce site when you get a ecommerce hosting account but if you get a shared hosting account then you may have to deal with all of this on your own.